Eelco Robert Lodewijks (68) – I have a BSc Civil Engineering (1978) and an MBA (1982), both from University of Cape Town.  Self Employed and barely retired since 2005.

Diversely skilled Futurist/Futurologist

My career in a nutshell:  Aside from 8 years of Construction Site Management experience, I have 35+ years of business management, corporate and investment finance, financial analysis and business consulting expertise.  This arose from specific experience in merchant banking (11yrs), various production companies, business consulting and two own businesses, namely a steel processing business (8yrs) and a Rare and Gold coin business (7yrs).

Currently and for the past eight years:  I became interested in and studied Futurism.

Futurism is the art/science of evaluating actual and emerging trends in all spheres of life, including the disruptive consequences of the convergence of countless technologies and trends, for the next 10, 20, even 30 years, evaluating all the risks and opportunities, and then choosing a better future.

The more I read and learned about the extent to which countless emerging technologies were going to disrupt every aspect of our lives, the more I had the urge to share it, so I set up a website and started to write episodes for it.  Suddenly I realised I had enough to write a book and the rest is history. My book Technology Tsunami Alert, which is a perfect gift for adults and parents, is currently with publishers in London.  It will be published mid-2020.

In addition, I present Futurism talks to adult audiences, that highlight the breadth, depth and massively disruptive impact, that accelerating technological change will have on the lives of their children, families, businesses, society and government in the next 5-10 years.  Finally, I present one-day interactive Futurism workshops to management teams, to highlight business risk and encourage them to appoint a full-time staff member to explore this space more fully.

I also work as a business rescue / turnaround / strategy consultant in diverse industries.

In addition, I am an Excel specialist.  I deliver 1-week courses internationally, mostly in the Far East, Middle East and all over Africa, on Financial Modelling in Excel and Advanced Excel.

About my hobbies:  I taught myself and am passionate about Economics, Investment Strategy, Trading Online Derivatives, Philosophy, Photography and Camping Safaris all over Africa.  Due to my love of the bush, I recently qualified as a FGASA level 1 field/nature guide.  I write articles and give free talks on investment strategy and the case for investing in Gold/Silver.  In addition, I recently developed a one-day course for Entrepreneurs, which I presented to 65 international entrepreneurs in Lithuania.

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