31 Aug
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In its broadest sense, a “sensor” includes the bouquet of “electronic devices” that measure, record, capture data and images, and send feedback.  Using the internet, these sensors are being linked to our smart devices.  This is known as the “Internet of Things” (IoT).  This will enable an increasingly smart world, where sensors will tell computers that is going on everywhere, at any time.  These computers will analyse the continuous stream of data, sift out the useful important bits, report to us and be able to relay information back to adjust the systems.  Below is an example derived from healthcare: 

The healthcare industry is producing increasingly smart chips and devices, that can map your entire Genome in minutes, continuously measure all your vital statistics and the concentrations of anything in your blood, urine or sputum.  So, one day our increasingly smart watches, other smart devices and embedded chips will communicate every change in our body in real time. 

Imagine you eat something in a restaurant that does not agree with you.  Your sensors pick up any change within minutes and relay your body’s negative reaction to that food.  This will enable you to continually adjust your diet to one that is optimal for your body. 

Imagine the sensors in your body pick up changes in your blood and body chemistry that indicate you are about to have a heart attack, or a stroke.  They will send you a message to your smartphone, but it will copy the nearest paramedic, who will rush to your aid because your smartphone pinpointed you.  Your doctor will also be copied, and it will be added it to your medical records. 

Such sensors will enable us to pick up diseases like cancer, long before they reach stage 1.  It is a fact that if you catch most diseases early enough, you can cure them.  This suggests that most of the diseases we fear today will become virtual non-events within the next decade and prolong our lives. 

They have also developed a technology called CRIPR, that allows them to rectify problems in your DNA, almost as easily as you “cut” and “paste” in word, with great precision.  This too will help prevent and cure most diseases.  They have already used CRISPR to correct the DNA of, and cure, a patient with Cycle Cell Anaemia, and another with Blastoma.

More important, all this data, relating to your DNA, body idiosyncrasies and healthcare records can be aggregated globally, albeit anonymously.  This information will be analysed and will enable the medical profession to literally match you with, and tailor your medication to your specific needs, based on global successes for people with “your” make-up. 

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