24 Aug
  • By Eelco Lodewijks
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In its broadest sense, a “sensor” includes the bouquet of “electronic devices” that measure, record, capture data and images, and send feedback.  Using the internet, these sensors are being linked to our smart devices.  This is known as the “Internet of Things” (IoT).  This will enable an increasingly smart world, where sensors will tell computers that is going on everywhere, at any time.  These computers will analyse the continuous stream of data, sift out the useful important bits, report to us and be able to relay information back to adjust the systems.  Below are examples that can become reality today and will soon manifest: 

Imagine a future world where a Tesla car has sensors that record potholes in the road.  The instant the wheel hits a pothole, sensors pick this up, relay it to the car’s computer, which sends this information to the roads department with the GPS co-ordinates.  They send out a self-drive vehicle with a robot to repair the pothole, minutes after the report is received. 

Imagine a future world, where houses sense the moment the wind picks up, or it starts to rain, and automatically close the windows.  Those same houses will know when your car is approaching and switch on the Air-conditioner, open the curtains and switch on the kettle. 

Imagine a future world, where your “new” dining suite has a hidden embedded chip.  As you bring it into the house, your home’s smart system asks if you want to add it to your insurance.  You say “yes” and it happens.  The next week it leaves the house during a burglary and your smart system sends you a list the stolen items.  You confirm it is unauthorised and the system automatically contact the police.  They track it via GPS to its destination at the burglar’s house.

Imagine you have a shoe fetish.  As you walk down a street, your smartphone alerts you to a sale at a nearby store, as you are approaching. 

Imagine a future world, where sensors can tell you everything you need to know about how your body is doing and warn you of anything untoward the instant it happens. 

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