17 Aug
  • By Eelco Lodewijks
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Every technological revolution created “new” jobs.  Just think how many the Industrial and IT revolutions created.  We now face many technological revolutions that are unfolding simultaneously, and so we cannot even imagine many of the new careers that will pop up in the next decade.  However, emerging trends allow us to make some educated guesses.

Data Mining, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), coupled with Automation and Robotics are game changers that are being applied in every field and industry.  They both supplement and complement our current IT industry.  Therefore, we will need multi-skilled, multi-disciplinary, versatile engineers who can play in each, or all, of these spaces. 

For example: Underlying each of these is computer programming and processing, which suggests we will need millions of versatile IT specialists who are good at AI, Automation and Robotics.  Similarly, we will need millions of versatile engineers who are competent in mechanical, electrical and even basic computer interfacing. 

It is estimated that Virtual Reality and Augmented reality will soon account for 20% of global GDP.  While much of this will be recorded content that is posted online, much of it will be created in IT space, such as computer games.  Therefore, we will need millions more people who can record and IT people who can create and program.

Other industries that have blossomed these past decades, include professional sport, tourism, and entertainment.  For example: New sports are invented with every new technology and being added to the Olympics.  Think of the stadiums, TV coverage, Support staff and Medical professionals now needed for Tennis, Monster Trucks, Rock Concerts, to name but a few. 

People working in each of these industries seek their holiday and leisure escape in the others.

As people live longer, which will increase considerably with recent advances in medical technology, they will need care.  Therefore, we are likely to need many people to assist and entertain the elderly.

Remember, when humans are bored, the quickly think up things to do.  As AI, Automation and Robotics take care of our basic needs, take over our jobs, and/or make us more efficient, they are freeing us up to do other things.  This free time could be used for leisure, education and intellectual pursuits, to name but a few.  These, in turn, lead to new businesses and industries.

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