03 Aug
  • By Eelco Lodewijks
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A growing trend of the future is Eco awareness and climate change. 

Using social media, Greta Thunberg is fighting for mankind to do more to combat all matters detrimental to our climate and environment.  We need her help with this too.

Currently 95% of people replace their broken “build in obsolescent” kettles and irons, to name a few, every year.  All these electrical appliances add to the material that needs to be recycled or dumped.  However, if we could go back to making kettles and irons that last 30-40 years, like they used to, imagine how much less material we would be using and how much less we would be dumping. 

This would be better for the environment and have multiple other benefits, including, less resource depletion, less power consumption with attendant pollution.  It would also mean more money in our pockets, as these would be more expensive in the short term, but far cheaper in the long term.  If Robots are making these products, the argument that jobs will be lost by a reduction in output falls away anyway.  Turnover lost in those environmentally detrimental “consumable” industries, would be gained in other less environmentally harmful industries, due to the increase in our disposable income.

I know some will say, “but I want to replace my kettle, because it does not fit in with my colour scheme”.  Fortunately, technology is now coming up with coatings that can be programmed to change colour.

Therefore, we should all be fighting for appliances and other semi-durables, that last a lifetime.  Let us ask Greta to start a social awareness trend where people’s consciences rule and they “want” and choose to buy what is best for our fragile planet.

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